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Green China 2007 - 2008

The world greatly depends on the future of China. The country’s present choices will be decisive not just for itself but for the whole planet.

In this context, Green China emerges as a biennial book associated with a permanently updated website - www.greenchina.eu – with the purpose of being able to contribute to a mutual understanding between the Chinese and the Westerners, namely the Europeans, regarding two decisive subjects: the role of the countryside in this new China, and how the country will be able to influence the world in a positive way, both seen under a constructive ecological perspective.

The main attention will be on rural development, considering the huge importance of the countryside: around 58 % of the Chinese citizens live there. This dramatic influence of rural life instead of being a barrier for the country’s development is a great opportunity for its sustainable future, if rural development is to be well planned and implemented, with a widely informed ecological vision.

Green China selects the good efforts in the country to achieve such a development with the contribution of writers from China and Europe.

It also includes an extensive photographic report of a beautiful rural region. In this issue it’s about Yangshuo: the legendary door to China’s countryside.


China Greening the World
Shangri-la Sustainable Communities
Village Self-Governance
Yangshuo: Legendary Door to China's Countryside

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